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2K Acrylic Paint

2K (2 Pack) Acrylic paint is a very high gloss and durable automotive paint, avoiding the need for topcoat lacquer. This hard wearing versatile material is stone chip and petrol resistant once fully cured, and not effected by UV rays The drying time can be determined by the type of 2k hardener used (fast or slow air dry) we recommend and supply as standard the 2k Fast hardener, slow hardener is available upon request and is more suitable for painting a very large areas or for use in a low bake oven.
This paint will not dry without the use of 2k hardener.
We can supply this kit at the same price in over 100,000 car - commercial and industrial colours / variants including a full range of RAL and B.S. colours.
2K acrylic paint should be sprayed using a complaint air fed mask.