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2K Acrylic Paint Bargain Kit 5.5Litre

  • Manufactured by: Jawel Paints


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Jawel 2K Acrylic Paint Bargain Kit 5.35 Litre
Contains the following:-
2Litre 2K Paint
1Litre 2K Fast Hardener
1Litre 2K Fast Thinner
1Litre 2K U-POL Primer
500ml 2K U-POL  Activator
Please note if the colour you require is a metallic, pearl or xirallic you will need to purchase polyester basecoat we can only mix flat colours in 2K Acrylic
Dust free time: This depends mainly on the type of hardener used and weather conditions but as a guide standard fast air dry hardener is dust free in 15 - 30 min, slow air dry hardener 30 - 45 min. Winter conditions, rocket accelerator can also be added
Paint mixing ratio: 2 parts 2k acrylic paint 1 part 2k hardener then add 10% 2k thinner to the final mix.
Primer mixing ratio: 4 parts 2k primer – 1 part 2k hardener then add 12% 2k thinner to the final mix
Coverage: You should be able to re-spray the equivalent of a family sized car with this kit.
Suitable for: Car – Motorcycle - Caravan - Commercial Vehicle - Boats - Aircraft and many Industrial uses.