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Cellulose Paint Bargain Kit 7Litre

  • Manufactured by: Jawel Paints


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Our Cellulose Paint Bargain Kit 7 litre size
Contains the following:-
1 Litre Paint
5 Litre Cellulose Premium Thinner
1 Litre Zinc 182 Anti Rust Primer

Cellulose automotive paint still has some advantages over other car paints, mainly it is very easy to apply and any mistakes can be rectified easily. Ideal for the novice sprayer. Please note: Many of the automotive colours used over the last 20 years cannot be matched in cellulose; this includes most metallic and pearl colours as they are only available in polyester / water basecoat materials. Cellulose paint will react if applied over a synthetic enamel surface; a coat of Barcoat sealer would be required.
Dust free time: 5-15 min. Cellulose being petroleum based material dries when the solvent evaporates the dust free / drying time depends mainly on the spray room temperature and weather conditions.
Mixing Ratio Paint: 1 parts Cellulose paint - 1 part Cellulose High Gloss Thinner (no hardener required)
Mixing Ratio Primer: 1 part cellulose primer filler – 1 part cellulose thinner Coverage: You should be able to spray 2- 3 doors car doors or equivalent area with this size kit
Suitable for: Car - Caravan - Commercial Vehicle and many Industrial uses.

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