Loctite Rust Remedy 90ml SF 7503

  • Manufactured by: Jawel


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Loctite Rust Remedy is a fast acting rust converter which transforms rust metal into a hard, sound surface ready for painting or filling.

  • Sandable, gives extra adhesion for fillers, paints.
  • Proven in industry, Easy to use.

Instructions for use.

  1. ​Remove all loose rust or old paint and mask area off before treating surface. This can be done with a wire brush, emery cloth or other suitable abrasive.
  2. Shake bottle well and pour a small quantity of Rust Remedy into a non-metallic container. Do not use a metal container as rust remedy will start to react.
  3. Apply a uniform coat to the metal surface, where there is deep pitting, work the liquid well into the metal with a suitable brush. if pin holes exist in the metal both sides will need to be treated to prevent rust re-occurring.
  4. The treated area will turn matt black after 15 minuets. Any areas which do not turn black should be retreated, when not topcoat such as paint or filler is being applied, it is always advisable to apply a secound coat within 10 minuets, low temperatures may delay conversion of the product.
  5. Once the coated surface is dry (approximately 15 minuets) key the surface for filling or painting. Fill or paint 24 hours after application.