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Tetroseal Underbody Sealer Black 1Litre / Underseal

  • Manufactured by: Tetrosyl


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Tetroseal is a high solids, highly structured, bituminous-based underbody sealing compound. Its low shear rheology makes it particularly suitable where resistance to sagging after application is required.


  • Suitable for use on sills and all lower body panels requiring enhanced protection.
  • Provides rust protection.
  •  Provides excellent sound deadening qualities.

Method of Use

  1.  Remove dirt, grease and moisture with Tetrosyl panel wipe, and apply Tetroseal Wax oil rust inhibitor where appropriate.
  2. Mask off surrounding areas.
  3. Apply Tetroseal liberally with a clean brush, taking care to ensure full coverage.
  4. Clean using white spirit or tar remover.