2K Paint Kit 2.5Litre NON ISO

  • Manufactured by: Jawel Paints


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2k Acrylic Paint Kit Direct High Gloss.
This NEW 2.5 Litre kit consists of: 1 x 1lt 2k acrylic paint 1 x 500ml ISOCYANATE FREE Hardener and 1 x 1lt 2k thinner.
This paint has been introduced for customers who require the high gloss finish - durability and colour matching of conventional 2k materials without the health concerns associated to Isosyanated hardeners. None isocyanate hardener converts a two pack activated paint into an air dry paint. The drying and cure times can take much longer depending on the weather conditions. It is recommended that you use the same spraying technique as you would with synthetic air dry oil based paints. Do not apply heavily; allow to flash off between coats. Like synthetic paint if you attempt to speed up the drying process you will slow down the overall time it takes to fully cure .
Please note this paint will not dry without this special isocyanate free hardener or a suitable 2k acrylic paint hardener been added. Recommended Application: Spray, Mixing Ratio: 2 parts paint 1 part hardener and 15% 2k thinner.

Please send us details of the colour you require

Octoral 2K acrylic (2Pack). Requires thinners and hardeners for spraying, Please note if the colour you require is a metallic, pearl or xirallic you will need to purchase polyester basecoat we can only mix flat colours in 2K Acrylic, please e-mail us the your colour requirement. For Professional Use. When making the colour choice please provide the following information: The vehicle year, model, make and colour code along with name of the colour if known. If you require British Standard or RAL colours please state the name and code.

Need help in finding colour code check our guide here