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Air Regulator & Filter Wall Mounted 1/4" Inlet / Outlet

  • Manufactured by: Fast Mover Tools


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Filter Pressure Regulator 1/4" Spray Air Gauge Water Trap 721234

  • This is a wall mounted Air filter, to help trap any water that can ruin any paint job.
  • Suitable for most workshop compressed air applications.

Fitted with tough polycarbonate bowl and composite safety cage, with auto drain facility for hassle free dry air. (When we say auto drain we do actually mean that you have to manually drain it via the plug at the bottom....its just a phrase used in the trade...we don't mean it will do it automatically) Air flow control fitted with safety crown to prevent inadvertant adjustment of working pressure.

Supplied with gauge and wall bracket.

  • Guage - Yes
  • Dual Reading - Yes
  • Type -Water Trap