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2K Clear Etch Lacquer For Diamond Cut Wheels

  • Manufactured by: FLP Automotive

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Fianl Systems CS 60 2K etch clearcoat based on polyester resin and isocyanate adduct. Recommended for diamond cut alloy wheels when high gloss and weathering resistance are requested.

1.5Litre kit consists of 1Litre 2k etch lacquer + 500ml 2k Hardener

7.5Litre kit consists of 5Litre 2k etch lacquer + 2.5Litre 2k Hardener

  • Mixing ratio 2:1 + 5% 2k Thinner
  • Number of coats: 2 full coats
  • Flash off: 5-10 mins at 20*C between coats.
  • Air dry: 24 Hours at 20*C
  • Oven Bake: 30 Mins at 60*C