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Q-Bond Adhesive Kit Large

  • Manufactured by: Starchem


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Q Bond is a world leading award winning bonding and repair solution for many types of cracked, broken plastic and rubber parts.

This adhesive works in super quick time, less than 10 seconds and the repair is made. When used on rubber the repair will be as flexible as the original material but will go rock solid when used on metal, wood and plastic.

Q Bond has thousands of uses within the automotive refinish industry, but also is found in a wide spectrum of industries as well as in and around the home. An absolute must for all model makers, appliance repairers and DIY enthusiasts.

Q bond kits come with a liquid glue adhesive and a two part hole filler that works with the glue to be used for filling voids and act as a reinforcement.

The Filler cures within seconds and can then be filed, grinded, sanded and even painted.