DeVilbiss PRO VISOR Air Fed Mask PROV-650

  • Manufactured by: De-Vilbiss


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Cutting Edge advanced air-fed respiratory protection system for professional refinishers. Specifically designed for use in spray booths and hazardous areas, perfect combination of safety,comfort and excellent freedom of movement.

  • Features and Benefits:
    • We are very pleased to announce the introduction of our new and improved PRO Visor. Originally launched in 2011 the Pro Visor has undergone a number of design and engineering enhancements, improving key areas such as vision and durability.

      The new visor still incorporates the excellent safety and comfort factors from the original, dispersing breathing air gently and quietly around the visor with no misting or discomfort.

    The new updates include:
    • New removable and washable anti static shroud which covers the wearers head, neck, shoulders and top of the chest.
      DeVilbiss have significantly improved the vision of the front visor which is now longer, wider and stronger with a thicker acetate visor. Peripheral vision is now greatly improved and more space is available for spectacle wearers.
      DeVilbiss have also made improvements to the durability of the head suspension.
      The rubber breathing tube from the mask is now made from a harder more durable rubber compound avoiding kinking and stretching and is also available as a separate spare.

    Further improvements include:
    • A new replaceable lint free leatherette sweat band.
      We have significantly improved the waistbelt material to a more durable “seatbelt” style material.
      The complete PROV-650 kit now comes with a larger stowage bag and new combination filter cap and filter element removal tool allowing the user to replace the filter element to the correct torque.