Synthetic Paint Bargain Kit 15Litre

Our Synthetic Bargain Kit 15 litre size
Contains the following:-
5Litre Paint
5Litre Synthetic Thinner
5Litre Synthetic High Build Primer
The colour must be one of our factory mixed stock colours, you just need to select the colour from the list.

Synthetic automotive paint is mainly used on commercial vehicles - older cars and for industrial use. It has three main advantages over other types of paint: one, it is a very high gloss material direct from the gun (if applied correctly), secondly, its covering power and thirdly, it will go on top of 99% of original or old painted surfaces without any reaction. Synthetic is a oil based air dry material.
We can supply a large range of automotive - British Standard and RAL colours at very special prices, It is not possible to mix a lot of metallic or pearl colours in Synthetic paint.
Dust free time: 25 - 40 min. Depending on weather / temperature conditions. Mixing Ratio Paint and Primer: Spray application: 1 part paint - 10% synthetic thinner Brush and roller application: no thinners required.
Coverage: You should be able to spray a family sized car with 2.5lt of paint or a transit size van with 5lt.
Suitable for: Car - Caravan - Commercial Vehicle and many Industrial uses.


  • Manufactured by: Jawel Paints

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