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New 1K Direct to Metal Paint 5Litre

  • Manufactured by: Jawel


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New and easy direct to metal range, This one step system is ideal for a wide range of use's including industrial, commercial, car refinishing, Home/ D.I.Y and many more.

This products high etching properties will adhere to galvanised steel, aluminium and mild steel after appropriate cleaning.

This paint can be applied by brush or spray, to spray add 10% cellulose thinner.

Drying times, substrate temp 20*c

Touch Dry: 10-15 minuets

Hard Dry: up to 6 hours (dependent on conditions)

Force Dry: flash off 10-15 minuets then stove between 60-80*c for 30 minuets.

Finish:‚Äč Semi gloss